Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Gardena Sofa, LLC
                           Gardena Sofa LLC User Guide


How do I use the app?

1.  After viewing our catalog, pick any style you want to modify.

2. Click on “Login FREE” 


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3. Fill up the easy form, choose your own password. And choose style, submit the form, your email and password. Will be accepted by our site.        


4.  Click on Orange button “Custom Sofa” at the home page to explore the fantastic functions. Use your username (email) and password to access the app  

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5.  Begin customizing your sofa   



How do I order a sofa with the app?


1.   Open the app to work on your sofa

2.  Use the buttons shown towards the bottom of the screen to modify  the dimensions, seat or pillow style, material, etc 

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      a) Use the left click to select the part which you want to custom and rotate the sofa.

      b) Use the right click to drag the sofa or the wall (in wall function).

      c) Use scroll function in the middle button to zoom in/out the sofa. 


3.  Pick, choose, and change fabrics first by clicking the intended part of the sofa, then by clicking the options to view and change selections.


Tip: You can click and hold on the fabric which you like for clear look. 

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4. Nail-heads and welting can be added with the accessories option; all parts of the sofa can be modified (including the legs, buttons, and individual seats)  

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5.  After modifications are finished, there is an option to save settings for future use 

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6.  Click “Next” and “Preview” to view the cost of the sofa, then “Add To Cart”  

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7.  Input the proper information and set up payment methods   

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8.  Check “Agree” to the terms and conditions, then click on “Place Your Order”. 

9.  After placing the order, an e-mail will be sent with an order summary and pictures of the intended modified product



How is the order processed?

1.                After receiving the order, Gardena Sofa will send over swatches of the chosen fabric selections and an order diagram to ensure satisfaction of the choices 

2.               Confirm to Gardena Sofa via e-mail that the fabric was received and that the choices are correct

3.               After confirmation, Gardena Sofa will begin building the product and set up a schedule for delivery within 3 weeks


What devices will work with the Gardenasofa app?

 *PC, Laptop with browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox 

 *Tablet devices: open Gardena Sofa App on Safari, Chrome or Firefox via website: